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The Science Behind NutraWorks

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NutraWorks has helped thousands of people change their body, their health and their happiness. The secret to our patient community’s continuous success is our coaching. Success in any aspect of life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. We provide you with the best of both.

Mechanics - Our medically designed and evidence based nutritional guidelines are fool proof. They are simply applied biochemistry. Dr. Miller, one of our co-founders, is consistently asked to lecture on these concepts for multiple institutions including UCSF Med School. Follow your prescribed meal plan and your body will have no choice but to rapidly burn fat and rebalance its blood chemistry and metabolism.

Physcology - Let’s be honest... you already know what foods and beverages are healthier for you than others. You already have a good idea of which options you should stay away from if you want to burn off those unwanted pounds. Actually you have known these things for YEARS! The real question is why do you keep choosing to ignore what you already know? How do you get yourself to not only stick to your diet, but more importantly how do you learn to enjoy the process of improving your health?!

Our co-founders have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars studying not only applied nutrition, but also life and wellness coaching techniques including NLP and Anthony Robbins’ cutting edge methods of understanding Human Needs Psychology and Neuro-Associative Conditioning. We have integrated these highly sought after techniques into the NutraWorks Coaching Programs to ensure your continued and long term success is a pleasurable experience which removes the all too familiar feeling of deprivation so common to most weight loss programs.

Dr. Gerald Reaven, a Stanford professor and world renowned researcher, did the world a huge service when he identified the hormonal imbalance known as Insulin Resistance and the resulting condition termed Metabolic Syndrome (Watch “Fat Loss - Targeting a Modern Day Epidemic” on the right side of this page to learn more).

We have learned that the typical industrial or American diet, which is overloaded with an unnatural abundance of sugars and carbohydrates, results in an excessive amount of insulin within the bloodstream.

Insulin, a master metabolic hormone does much more than just alter our blood sugar levels. Insulin triggers the kidneys to store water which elevates our blood pressure. It activates an enzyme called HMG CoA Reductase which causes cholesterol synthesis within the liver. Much to our dismay... insulin also forces our fat cells to store more fat!

Understanding this hormone and its antagonist, glucagon, is the key to understanding lasting fat loss! Register for one of our free workshops to learn more about this and other secrets the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know!

Our protocols are very unique and different, especially when compared to the weight loss industry. This multi billion dollar industry keeps you focused on weight loss, a short term goal, and provides methods which are known to be followed by a rebound or yo-yo effect designed to keep you coming back year in and year out.

At NutraWorks we do not target weight loss, instead we focus on fat loss, improved metabolic health and our ultimate goal is to help you learn to live a healthy, vibrant and sustainable lifestyle.

Weight loss should never be the goal, because a) it is short term and b) weight consists of all components of the body, including muscle mass which is the engine that burns your calories. Ie. your muscle mass is your metabolism. Because of the way the body works, when you are burning fat (lipolysis and ketogenisis) you are burning muscle too (myolysis and gluconeogenesis). This physiologic fact is the reason most people quickly regain “weight” following a “weight loss” program.

A key aspect of the highly effective NutaWorks Fat Loss protocols is the incorporation of our delicious NutraFood. These delightful foods provide the body with 95% absorbable protein consisting of 8 essential amino acids. These protein packed foods, eaten along with fresh veggies and lean meats, assist your body in replacing muscle mass just as fast as it is being burnt. In essence your muscle mass stays high as body fat melts off of you. This way we can change your body composition, not just your weight, and boost your metabolism to make maintaining your new healthy body easy!

Why Choose NutraWorks?

At NutraWorks we provide individually-tailored, physician-monitored weight loss programs that focus on nutrition, as well as one-on-one professional support to ensure optimal results. Real results without the use of caffeine pills, drugs, injections or surgery - only nutritional and delicious food that's good for you!

Lose an average of 3-7 pounds per week!

Enhance vitality and energy

Promote fat loss

Physician-monitored program

Maintain more muscle mass

Ongoing support and encouragement

Lower blood lipids

No Injections

Lower your cholesterol

No Pillls

Improve blood sugar

No Surgery

NutraWorks - San Francisco Ideal Protein Weight Loss MethodWhat Can You Expect?

Prior to starting a weight loss program at NutraWorks, we invite you to attend one of our complimentary workshops in San Francisco or Denver. You will learn how our methods significantly differ from fad diets, as well as receive a complimentary assessment as to whether you are a candidate for one of our programs.

NutraWorks - San Francisco Ideal Protein Weight Loss MethodA Plan That's Right For You!

Our experienced doctors thoroughly review your personal health profile prior to prescribing a plan that’s right for you, your body, and your goals. Once one your plan, you will meet with your coach on a weekly basis to check your progress, receive guidance and ensure your success.

Attend a FREE workshop and qualify for $100 off and a special gift!

At this informative and informal workshop you’ll learn exactly why those other diets are doomed to failure, how you can easily take control of your health, rapidly lose weight and never gain it back!

Fat-Loss: Targeting a Modern Day Epidemic from NutraWorks on Vimeo.

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